Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Guess who was let go from jury duty for today.  I have to call back after 5:00PM though.
FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "The turn of the tide comes earlier than men judging by surface phenomena conceive."  from Hilaire Belloc's "The Great Heresies"
QUOTE II:  "There is no universal cry of indignation, there is no sufficient protest, because there is no longer in force the conception that man as man is something sacred.  That same force which ignores human dignity also ignores human suffering."  same source

From the Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter:  This is pretty cool - the Cleveland Orchestra and Chorus will be performing a FREE CONCERT at our Cathedral of Saint John Friday, October 17th at 8PM.  Read more here.
From the same source:  As you may know, I was recently in El Salvador (hence the picture above.)  Our bishop was also there recently to help celebrate the Cleveland Diocese's 50 year relationship with their diocese.  Here is reflection of his visit there.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a great article on Mother Mary Thomas, an 81 year old cloistered nun and painter.  St. Sebastian has a painting of (appropriately enough) St. Sebastian painted by her though most have not had the opportunity to see it yet.  It will be revealed in January.  She also came to St. Sebastian to give a talk and help us open our Academy of Culture and Arts (see more HERE) about a year and half ago.  More exciting things (good things) will be revealed in the near future.  It is a good story on which to keep your eye!  HERE is the article, pictures, and video.
Karen and Tony sent this in.  Thanks!

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