Tuesday, April 1, 2014


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Well, it’s the worst human rights abuse on earth and it’s basically unaddressed. I’ll start with the worst statistic that I know and that is that 160 million girls are now missing from the face of the earth because they were murdered at birth by their parents or either selectively aborted when their parents find out that the fetus is a girl. So that many people are missing and they’re all girls who are missing.”  Former presidend Mr. Jimmy Carter.  Read more here.
QUOTE II:  "When you choose to text and drive, something inside of you cares a little less for another human being."  Bumper sticker
Ed sent this in:  The Big Bang Theory; A Roman Catholic Creation."  Read more here.
Christopher (who really needs to move back to Ohio) sent in this article about the "Marriage of Church and Stage."  Read more here.
Ellen sent this Chesterton site in saying, "Besides the things you would already have or know about, there are digitized images of little books-- collections of GKC writings compiled for small print runs back in the day, etc. And who knows what else? I backed away before I lost all track of time!"  http://www.archive.org/  Enter Chesterton, Gilbert in the search box.
Terry sent this video in of "The Voice of Italy."  Enjoy!
No pics today!  Gotta get to confessions!

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