Tuesday, October 15, 2013


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "We are only bitter against the law when we desire to break it."  Christopher West.
QUOTE II:  "Christ did not suffer, die, and resurrect so that we could have better coping skills, but that we might be set free."  Christopher West.
Apologize from our post office again.  There was no post yesterday because it was our staff outting day which, ironically, may be material for next Monday.
For those who are confused, here is a place to look to help.  Six Things to Know When Reading about Pope Francis.

Another article concerning the coverage of Pope Francis can be found here.

Mary sent this article in about the rise in seminarians.  The picture and part of the article featurs the Diocese of Cleveland's own seminary.  Thanks Mary.

Priest in residence at St. Sebastian, my cousin, and almost birthday boy Fr. Christopher Trenta wrote home from his studies in Rome, "Things are going here in Rome...the Italian is still a bit tricky when it comes to distinguishing all the past tenses in one document (instead of studying one tense at a time). Say a prayer for language wisdom."  But the main reason for his writing was to make us aware of something he wrote that appeared in America Magazine.  To find it go here and then, "Look under the "Reply All" section from their readers...it's the first letter."

"What Do I Do with My Pain?" is the topic of this 2 and half minute video.

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MaryofSharon said...

Gotta love those Franciscan Friars!

The good friar's short talk on suffering reminded me of an extraordinary piece on suffering written by a Catholic man living with same-sex attraction in peaceful harmony with Church teaching. Although he speaks of his own personal kind of suffering, what he writes applies to all of us. He finds a way to weave together saints, scripture, literature, Church teaching and more in one beautiful essay he calls "Two Thomases, a Guy Named Clive and a Hobbit Called Frodo."

He ultimately concludes that he wouldn't trade his suffering in for an easier life because of the great fruit that suffering has born in his life. Profoundly inspiring!