Tuesday, September 3, 2013


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUNDBeauty is rarely soft or conciliatory.  Quite the contrary.  Genuine beauty is always quite alarming."  from Donna Tart's "Secret History"
QUOTE II:  "The beauty of the body is found entirely in the skin.  If people could see what is underneath the skin, as it is said in Boethia that the lynx can do, they would find the sight of women sickening.  Her charm consists of slime and blood, of wetness and gall.  Consider what lies hidden in the nostrils, in the throat, and in the belly: nothing but filth . . . And if we cannot bring ourselves to touch vomit and feces, not even with our fingertips, how can we bring ourselves to embrace the dirt bag itself?"  from Johan Huizinga's, "The Autumn of the Middle Ages"  (interesting question no?)
This was sent in by Ellen:  "Remember that radio interview I did in March about our local Chesterton Societies? Here is a link (below) to the program recording, if you want to listen. It aired the end of May.  How did I do? (I can't bear to listen to it myself!)"  Hear the program here.  (You did smashingly)
From Mary:  "Thought you'd be interested in knowing that both Dawn Eden and Fr. Damien will be on EWTN's Life on the Rock over the next two weeks. These shows will be available later for viewing on EWTN's YouTube Channel's Life on the Rock playlist. Plus Dawn Eden can be seen on video on a couple of other venues."
From the Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter:  "Is Youth Ministry necessary? In Fr. Damian Ference's world, the answer is yes. Recently, Fr. Ference wrote a piece, "Church: The Necessity of Youth Ministry" for the popular The Word on Fire Blog. The blog is run by Fr. Robert Barron with contributions from a number of writers."  Read more here.
3 and half minute video:

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