Tuesday, February 14, 2012


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Seek what you seek but not where you seek it."  Saint Augustine

QUOTE II:  "Every man who knocks on the door of a brothel is looking for God."  G. K. Chesterton


MB sent an article in.  One paragraph reads, "Many people, (including our editor) are wondering why the Catholic Church doesn't just ditch this requirement. They note that most Catholics ignore it, and that most everyone else finds it divisive, or "out-dated." C'mon! It's the 21st century, they say! Don't they SEE that it's STUPID, they scream."  Read more here.  Thanks!

MQ sent this article in that reads in part, “Coverage for abortion-inducing drugs such as ella is not preventative women’s healthcare. This intrusion on rights of conscience by the Obama Administration claiming concern for ‘women’s rights or human rights’ puts dangerous ideology over liberty."

Here is a video of archbishop Dolan's interview on this matter.  Click here to see it.  Very enlightening.

From the Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter:  "WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) today (February 6, 2012) sent a 4-page letter to Attorney General Eric Holder calling on the Department of Justice to halt a new mandate under President Obama's health care law that will force religious organizations - including Catholic hospitals, schools, and charities - to participate in coverage of medical services that violate their religious beliefs, or pay massives fines. Portman contends in the letter that the mandate violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, a bipartisan law signed by President Clinton. The letter calls on Attorney General Holder to enforce that law and order HHS to withdraw its regulation."  Read more here.

Dr. E sent this in:  "On March 21, 2012, 7:30 p.m., Fr. Brian Davies, OP, will deliver Borromeo's Annual Aquinas Lecture in Philosophy. Under the title "God the Creator," he will respond to contemporary objections to God's existence, especially the argument that science disproves God.

Here are some of his writings:

On the new atheism HERE

Some of his homilies HERE

MD sent this video in.
We are so lucky!  Fr. D. sent in his latest article!  Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Father, I see you're still tenaciously clinging to this issue - I was hoping the Bishop's letter would have been taken off the Church doors by now. Even in spite of President Obama's compromise the Church still wants to have it's way, which appears to be the elimination of all birth control for. both Catholics and everyone else as well. Freedom of religion works both ways, and the Church needs to get out of politics. All the ridiculous criticism of this law by the Church's leaders is politics, pure and simple, and has nothing to do with religious liberty. We have far bigger problems in this country than birth control. Personally, I am sick to death of this subject dominating not only the media, but the Church itself. Enough already.

Fr. V said...

Dear Anon.,

If I follow your logic, the faith should have no say in the way the country is run. If the faith of her people can have no say in her politics, who can? Is there some sort of "neutral way" that a country should run that is value free/consequence free? If there is - what is it? People of faith - Catholics - Catholic institutions are to be considered second class?

And if this has nothing to do with religious liberty, why are so many people who are vehemently against us in the particulars in this matter 100% behind us in principle? Precisely because this is a matter of relgious freedom and if it can happen to Catholics this year, it can happen to others the next.

I am sorry you are sick of this - you might want to examine why it is being taken so seriously by so many people. I feel it is my responsibility to keep my parishioners informed and active on something that is seemingly so important to the life of the Church. I would be remiss otherwise.

PW said...

The level of hatred for the Catholic Church on display in the media over it's teaching on contraception and abortion is astounding. The Church really needs to fight this all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. Most unsettlIng is the fact that many Catholics themselves disagree with the Church and do not follow her teachings. Why are they Catholic in the first place? I think many people must have a very distorted view of what it means to be a Catholic.

Anonymous said...

dear anonymous--i think i love you--finallly a voice of reason--and i would add a voice of understanding--yes, yes, yes--like you--i want religous freedom for ALL----also, like you--lets get on with it--the needs of the nation are many with its very survival in peril--like the song says "speaking words of wisdom--LET IT BE--i confess--i'm afraid to sign this--now doesn't that speak volumns

Fr. V said...

And of what does it speak volumes?

Anonymous said...

let me spell it out for you--volumns means i see and FEEL very little tolerance , if you have a divergent view in this little st. sebastian flock

Fr. V said...


I thought it meant that you did not stick by your convictions.

What exactly is meant by tolerance? It is a popular thing to toss about these days. Taken to its extreme it means that nobody can really beleive anything because to fully believe in anything would be intolerant to another's point of view. (Now there's a post.) The pope called it the tyranny of tolerance.

Of course if it was truly meant, it would mean that you would have read the post and thought nothing more of it. But instead decided to write something attacking the position. This is great because it means you BELIEVE IN SOMETHING which is something lacking these days. For this I applaud you loudly.

I am not completely tolerant. That would be an inanity. This blog would be a bore because it would not say anything. But it got your juices going - it caused you to THINK because you did not agree. It moved you to write something (at least twice - maybe more - hard to tell when sign Anon.) If there were only tolerance there would be no drama, no debate, no comments, no blog.

Gads! I WANT our young people to stand for SOMETHING! Some more intellgent "tolerance." How can we expect them to beleive in something unless we modle it?

Unknown said...

Tolerance is now to be condemned? How nice - a parish where one cannot expess an opinion, unless it's Republican, Conservative, and 100% in agreement with the clergy. Either 'put up' or 'shut up' seems to be the order of the day. Thinking people need not apply.

Fr. V said...

Dear Bear Paw,

Actually my point was exactly the opposite of the conclusions drawn above. I am not sure if you are the Anons. or not but my point was for you to have an opinion and hold on to it - I don't have to agree with it - you don't have to agree with me. However I do expect comments to be constructive and mature. If you have something to bring to the table let's keep up the debate. When you write, I will respond back. But attacks and ad hominem arguments will not be tolerated here. They tend to create the very atmosphere that you (and the anons) detest. I invite you keep the conversation going - If you do not like my responses say why - go after the material - try to sway others to your way of thinking - I will do the same. Therein lies true tolerance. Please don't give up! Keep thinking! Be persuasive! Expect to be challenged and engage thoughtfully! Carpe dium! Get wiser - not angrier. Construct something great! Make me sit back in my chair and think, "There's a point there - I wonder if I can respond?"

Anonymous said...

well i think i'm sort of getting it. since its your blog , it does seem perfectly right that you be the judge and jury on what comments are constructive and mature.

Fr. V said...

All the best Anon,

You are sincerely in my prayers.

Matt W said...

"Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions.” G.K. Chesterton.

Anonymous said...

i was going to leave this be--until the g.k.chesterton quote---of course i would never attempt to remark on any of his remarks--i greatly admire g.k. chesterton-but my ignorance and limitations prevent me from even responding to his remarks---but i digress--lets get back to the mundane conversation--to matt--thank you--but don't you realize, of course liberals,people with divergent views do have convictions--however, their convictions may differ,--dear Father V.--of course nothing is better than someone praying for you, but do you think the next time i practically trip over you-could you smile, make eye contact--say hello, and perhaps ask how a person is doing--i must tell you liberalism is not a contagious disease-i only say this too you because others have told me you do indeed know who these e-mails come from-sincerely--

Fr. V said...

Ah my friend Anon.

You give me much credit.

I have no idea who you are or how many of the anons actually apply to you - and I though I love to debate it does not mean that I don't want someone in the parish that does not agree with me. I am glad you are here. Sorry that I am not more attentive to you - so try taking the initiative - next time stop me - shake my hand and say, "I am one of the people who writes to you on Adam's Ale. Let's be better friends." I would enjoy it. I am usually walking around the church before Mass if I don't have it and after whether I do or no.

My apologies if I do not seem as approachable as a parish priest should be. It is perhaps one of my many, many flaws.

Anonymous said...

dear father--apology accepted--now i have to swallow it--internalize it, and really believe it--now on to who i really am--well of course i am one of the very best anons. also closer to election time,have eragg i'll be working my head of for pres. obama-and sporting obama buttons all over my attire. but i promise my lips will be sealed, and my buttons removed as i enter the holy sanctuary to pray the Holy Mass--i too, will pray for us ALL--most sincerely, ms. anon--p.s.actually, i thought had a halo over my head, with my whole being glowing in light--guess i'll have to work on that--have a great day Father

Anonymous said...

dear father v.--now i feel like a real idiot--i found out from a more computer savy friend that writers on this blog are indeed anonomyous to everyone--that includes you, of course--unless of course someone wishes to go to great lengths to discover contributors remarks--so all of this to say--what a waste of your good time to have to read my dribble--once again--so SORRY--sincerely,anon.