Monday, December 19, 2011


There are two things that keep a priest going in the week leading up to Christmas:

1. The grace that comes from Jesus Christ.
2. Caffeine.

Not a creature stirring? Not even a chance!

Bilocation would be a gift greatly appreciated right now. If only I were more holy. This is the gift for which I would ask.

No longer is there the task of trying to get everything done. Now is the time to start wondering what you should cut loose and do without. It reminds me of my time in the theater and opening night is quickly coming upon us. The set is behind, costumes are not finished, somebody still does not know their lines, the lighting people can’t get in to focus lights, there is a scene that for some reason nobody can pinpoint is not working, but tickets have been purchased and people are going to show up so the show must go on.

It is either maddening or completely exciting. I’m not sure which. The next order of business is to put up the barbed wire barricades for the “children’s” Mass. It is rather like the sack of Rome around here at 4:00 Christmas eve (but infantly better.) Yes I chose to misspell that word on porpoise.

Sorry to keep it so short today. Christmas is coming you know!

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