Thursday, November 29, 2007


It is 2:45 in the morning and I can't get back to sleep. I heard a noise that sounded like something falling over in my quarters but when I turned the light on there was nothing there. I took the occasion to use the little Monsignor's room and when I came back my room was lit up like a Christmas tree - well, a blue and red one at least.

It turns out that there a had been a rather spectacular accident out front. A telephone pole had been snapped off from it's base and a car was laying on its side in our front lawn. I dressed in warm but not very fashionable clothes and headed out with my oils. Because of the telephone pole situation the whole street was blocked off with flares and various vehicles with flashing lights. (Wow! more keep coming even now. I hope this many people come to morning mass.)
They weren't too thrilled about a person (I didn't look too much like a priest) coming on the scene because of the telephone pole situation. But I was able to ask a kindly fireman if anybody needed anointing. Despite the terrible crash scene, the only person involved was sitting quite placidly on the curb. Praise God.

(The wrecker is on the scene now and cones are set up so that some traffic can go by now on this main road.)

First of all, thank God for the men and woman who work at this hour for just such emergencies. Blessings on you policemen, firemen, EMEs, wrecker drivers and the like. Thank you that I can go back to bed while you are out there capably dealing with this mess. (Darn, I missed the car being flipped back on its wheels.)

And secondly, like the commercial says, "Life comes at you fast, make sure you are ready for it." (Here comes the power line people. God bless you too.) Please get to confession.


This was going up on Sunday and I realized it was going to be too late. Now that I am up I'll tell you now.

GKCleveland - pass on the good news! News from the Cleveland, Ohio Chesterton club. FIRST meeting December 2nd at 2pm at John Carroll University Library. Meet us for a tour of the GKC archives and afterwards for coffee. Enter JCU at South Belvoir veer left around campus. Look for Grasselli library and parking on the campus great maps can be found here: For more info, contact Matthew Lewis

Okay *YAWN*, back to bed.


Adoro te Devote said...

I'll say this, Fr. V. ~ If I ever crash into a telephone in the middle of the night and land in someone's yard, I hope it's the yard of a priest...if I'm in danger of dying, that is.

Otherwise I hope that never happens at all. Glad he didn't crash into your house!

uncle jim said...

Wow ... I'm right there with Adoro...same sentiments

Beth said...

Wow. I also echo Adoro's sentiments. If I get into a dangerous car accident and am in danger of dying, I truly hope I land in yard of a priest.

And, the title of the post was definitely something I needed to read. I can't wait for confession tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Oy, Fr. V. I'm so glad you're both okay. Obviously, God is trying to get this driver back to church. Well, that's what I'd think, if I'd landed safely in a priest's yard.

He works in mysterious ways. Apparently, He also wanted you to say, "Get to confession, people!"


Adrienne said...

Just a few months ago one of our wonderful prists in the neighboring town did have a car drive into his house. He was reading his evening office and was knocked across the room. The Holy Spirit and his guardian angel was working overtime as he suffered just a few cuts and bruises.

Glad everyone is ok!

John14:15 said...

Thanks for the post Fr V.